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“We play games to make a connection to others – to share both struggle and triumph. In the end, games with creative themes are the ones that capture my imagination the most. I would rather play a game about intergalactic pizza deliverymen then another trivia-based game or one that revolves around WWII.”

- Erich Wambach, Co-Founder

BlindLuck Studios, a privately held company, was formed in 2004 by Erich Wambach and Scott Lininger with the express purpose of creating games that bring friends and family closer together. The company’s mission is to produce high-quality games that are fun to play and easy to learn, yet with enough depth so that they may be played over and over again.

Erich Wambach

Erich states that he can’t recall when he first started playing board games or when he realized that they had become more of a passion and less of a distraction. He does know that by the time he entered high school, he was spending most of his time playing all manner of games and that he designed his first roleplaying game, Children of Fire, while attending college. He later put it on the web. “I still get email from people who are playing CoF and it served as the inspiration for one of BlindLuck Studios’s first board games.” Erich later started working informally with Scott on several board game designs and decided that he found designing board games to be more rewarding than his RPG work. Scott and he formalized their design collaboration when they formed BlindLuck Studios in 2004.

Erich also teaches martial arts to children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. “I learned what they thought was fun. I learned to watch and react to them and to always come up with innovative ways to teach them.” This experience has become an integral part of Erich’s approach to game design: watch, react, improve and have fun at all times.

Scott Lininger

“I should have known that I was doomed to roam the earth as a gamer geek from an early age. As a teenager, a friend and I raised $100 by selling shares in a board game we were working on. We pitched the game to Milton Bradley but for some reason they didn’t bite.” Later on, Scott learned to bind books because he wanted to design games. In fact, he learned how to do a lot of “stuff” because he wanted to make games. Serendipitously, his interest in game design led to his training in art, page layout and design, box building and packaging design and even narration and writing; all of which has also helped him find paying jobs in the “real” world. While in college, Scott designed the RPG, The Window, which became popular on the web where people still review and play it. “It’s been translated into at least five languages – French, German, Spanish, obviously English, and Latvian if I am not mistaken. Just recently a guy contacted me about translating it into Malaysian.”

Scott has sealed his gamer credentials with a long laundry list of volunteer work with the Denver Gamers Association (hosts of Genghis Con and Tacticon) as a webmaster, serving on the board of directors, winning “Best GM of the Con” numerous times and receiving the DGA “Lifetime Achievement” award.

During the day, Scott is a Software Engineer at Google. Learn more at his website,

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