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A boardgame for
2-5 Players
Ages 12 to Adult
1-2 hours to play
$34.95 MSRP


Step into a world of celestial mythology and human intrigue. Choose from one of five supernatural factions attempting to fulfill a prophecy in 1903 London. Manipulate the city's most powerful individuals and thwart your opponents’ plans at every turn.
Diverse Game Play

Each faction contains seven unique character cards with varying strengths and abilities. You can choose the faction that best fits your style of play. These cards are used to win locations, garnering you influence.

Use this influence to sway the masses or help to determine the successors of the Prime Minister, Mogul, Crime Lord, and Archbishop. Additionally, try to win the underground to affect the order of play. Plan carefully and execute at the right time, and you will control the world's destiny..

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