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A boardgame for
4-20! Players
Ages 10 to Adult
1 hour to play
$29.95 MSRP


The following document contains rules clarifications. If you have questions of your own, we welcome your feedback:

What if There Are No Submissions?
In the rare case that NO shows were submitted for an empty time slot, then the CEO must force his lazy executives to create one. The CEO chooses a different player to submit each of the three cards, and then everyone works together on the title. The final show belongs to the CEO and he or she gets paid for it as usual. If nobody has, say, a character card, then draw one from the deck. Such shows do not have to match the original appeal symbol requirement.
Do You Have to Share How Much Money You Have?
No. People can ask, but you donít have to answer.
Who Gets Paid for the Starting Shows?
The seven example shows that start on the schedule do not have creators. Therefore, no one gets paid for them.
Who Rolls Dice for the Starting Shows?
The CEO, or someone he or she assigns to do so.
Can a Show Have More Than One Audience?
Yes. If a show has inherited an audience as described above, it still gets to vie for another audience like any other 1st Season show, and therefore could gain another.
If I Take Over An Audience From a Show With More Than One, Do I Get Them All?
No. During the Vie For Audience phase you are targeting a single audience, not all of them on the couch.
If I have a show that I can submit, do I have to?
No. You may always choose to save your cards while you think of a good title or to use for the Crummies award.
What if I canít submit a show after all?
If you agree to submit a show but canít come up with a good title or realize that you canít actually match the required appeal symbol, then you can pass, but you donít get to draw your three cards. You can still vote, however.
What if my FAQ isnít on this list?
If a rules question comes up that is not made clear by this page, then the current CEO makes a call and their ruling stays for the rest of the game.

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